Sarah Games BSc (Hons) MSc AM

McTimoney Animal Practitioner covering Surrey and West Sussex

Under the Veterinary Surgeon’s Act 1966, I need to have your vet’s permission before I can treat your animal with McTimoney. It is illegal for anyone to treat your animal unless they are a vet or an allied professional, such as a McTimoney Animal Practitioner, working with your vet’s consent. So do be careful if anyone offers treatment without gaining your vet’s permission first.

There are four steps to my approach. The following is based on my treatment of horses but I use the same detailed approach with dogs and other animals too.

Case History

I start by taking a detailed case history so that I can build a picture of your horse’s health and exercise routine. This will help me to identify the cause of any problems I find during the assessment.

Static Assessment and Gait Evaluation

I assess posture and muscle symmetry while your horse is at rest. I will be able to identify any areas of muscular tension, underdevelopment and injury. I’ll also be able to spot any weakness in conformation that may make your horse susceptible to certain types of injury.

I then evaluate your horse walking and trotting, both on straight lines and on a circle. This allows me to spot areas of discomfort or stiffness as the horse moves around. I will also check the fit of your saddle and other tack/rugs if needed.

McTimoney Animal Manipulation, Massage, Soft-tissue Mobilisation and Stretching

I use a combination of techniques appropriate for your horse to restore joint function and symmetry, and to release muscular spasm. I will use a series of rapid, accurate adjustments to any joints that have become misaligned by muscle spasm. This is completely painless and I find it’s usually well received by the horse.  I perform the treatment by hand and most animals find it deeply relaxing.

Rehabilitation programme

Two to three treatments are usually needed, depending on the severity of the problem, and aftercare will often include a few days rest. I will also advise you on a suitable programme of stretching, groundwork and ridden exercise.